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This section of the website is designed to empower you with helpful Information and Resources on Issues Relating to Drug Abuse and Addiction

Medication Disposal Locator

Facts on Commonly Abused Drugs


Prescription Drug Abuse Chart 


Drugs, Brain and Behavior - The Science of Addiction 


How to speak to someone with a drug, alcohol, or mental-health problem. Substance use and mental health problems are treatable, and help is available. 


The Next Step Towards a Better Life-A pamphlet that explains the phases of treatment and beyond 


What is Substance Abuse Treatment? A pamphlet for families 


Understand Drug Abuse and Addiction 

Alcohol Information Links


Please browse our links to information and resources that can help you with your alcohol consumption or dependency.


Rethinking Your Drinking-Guide to Help You Examine Your Drinking Habits


Mixing Medications with Alcohol-A Guide to Their Interactions

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